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Our Advisor Team

Deborah Fox
Founder and Senior Financial Advisor

You will work directly with Deborah Fox, our founder and Senior Financial Advisor. Deborah Fox is a licensed financial advisors and specialists in the late stage college funding niche. Deborah has been providing services in this area of planning for over 20 years. 

Deborah has developed a unique planning process for our clients based on her many years of experience as both a general financial planner and college planner. We create a detailed, personalized college financial plan for each of our clients. The plan includes both parents and students. Our clients are supported by a service team of professionals that deliver five star service.

We are nationally recognized for the work we do. Deborah is regularly interviewed for her expertise by national media such as Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s, Money magazine, New York Times, US News, Newsweek and others. Deborah regularly speaks at industry conferences and provides training and continuing education for other financial advisors and tax professionals. Deborah also volunteers her time in her community to educate parents, teachers and counselors on the ins and outs of college funding and financial aid.

Our team adheres to personal and professional standards outlined in the Fox College Funding Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Our Story

Over twenty years ago two of Deborah’s financial planning clients, who both had juniors in high school, contacted Deborah within a couple of weeks of each other voicing concern about the high cost of college. Both couples had saved for college over many years, but had never imagined college costs could end up so high. Since both couples were underfunded, they asked Deborah if she had any ideas about how they might be able to mitigate their upcoming college bills.

As a general financial planner, Deborah had been trained on how to assist parents with saving for college, but she had no idea about how to help parents reduce their college costs when they had run out of time to save. She promised her two clients that she would do research to find out if there was anything they could do.

Deborah was surprised to discover dozens of ideas that could help parents pay less for college. She began sharing this information with her existing clients and subsequently designed a proprietary planning process by combining multiple categories of planning strategies. Deborah also shared her new insights with her colleagues who began referring their clients to her so she could help them with their “late stage” college planning needs.

It became apparent there were (and still are) only a relatively small number of financial advisors that had expertise in this area of planning. Deborah’s college funding business grew so quickly she formed a separate company Fox College Funding from her general planning firm so her team could work on a project basis with parents specifically focusing on college planning. This is how Fox College Funding was born.

Deborah’s vast experience as both a general financial planner and a college planning advisor, has enabled thousands of parents to significantly reduce their out-of-pocket cost of college.

Our Process

We have developed a proprietary planning process that many times can knock off a whole year of college costs for a family.


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