High Income or High Net Worth Parents:

You Don’t Have to Pay Full Price for College!

Personalized college planning to reduce your family’s college expenses by thousands of dollars.

Find out how!

Do You Have a College-Bound High School Student?

Our services are tailored for upper middle to high income or high net worth parents with a high school student who typically will not qualify for need-based financial aid. The Fox College Funding proprietary planning process can potentially reduce our clients’ out-of-pocket college costs by tens of thousands of dollars over the college years. We are able to create the best results for families who want:

  • To get educated about the college funding process because knowledge is power
  • Professional guidance to help navigate the college funding maze
  • A personalized step-by-step roadmap for minimizing college costs

Our Uniqueness

Fox College Funding is one of a relatively small number of companies providing ‘late stage’ college funding planning for middle to high-income parents nationwide.

We have over two decades of experience in this specialty area and have worked with hundreds of families to help them pay less for college to free up funds for other financial priorities. We charge a flat fee for our services and do not sell any products. This positions us to provide you with the most objective advice that’s in your best interest.

We are passionate about our work and are purpose-driven.

The Big Misconception

If your income or assets are too high, you are probably assuming there is not much you can do to reduce your college expenses. Nothing can be further from the truth. The families who pay the lowest college costs are the ones who have taken the time to understand and control the college funding process.

The Fox Difference

Do not confuse the type of planning offered by other companies that focus on helping families qualify for more “need-based” financial aid. Our services have been specifically designed for families who would not normally qualify for much, if any, need-based aid. Upper-middle to high-income and high net worth families require a very different planning approach.

Our Expertise

We specialize in helping parents with a college-bound high school student minimize their college costs. Many times we can lower your college expenses by as much as those who qualify for need-based aid. We’ll show you how to fund college costs in the most efficient way and ensure your college plan fits within your overall financial plan.

Our Service Offering

Our team provides personalized planning tailored to your family’s individual situation. We’ll help you implement proprietary combinations of academic and admissions, financial aid, cash flow and tax reduction strategies that could help you save thousands of dollars.

Part of our planning uses the tax code to find combinations of tax strategies to create “tax scholarships” for paying for college. A tax scholarship is any newfound tax deduction that creates money you can use to reduce the cost of college. Unlike financial aid, the higher your income and tax bracket, the greater the benefit of any tax strategy or tuition discount because it’s gross income you don’t have to earn to fund college.

When appropriate, we work with your other advisors, such as your CPA, to develop the strategies that will produce the most beneficial outcome for your family. This type of planning is not known by most CPAs. In fact, most tax preparers either provide no advice to their clients regarding college funding (because it is not their specialty) or the advice they do give may not be beneficial or the best course of action for your family. In fact, most families and professionals are not aware this type of planning exists.

We’ll take the college funding process “off your shoulders” so you can relax, save countless hours, and avoid the stress and aggravation of trying to figure out how to efficiently pay for college.

Save Time and Get a Personalized Plan

Fox College Funding will help educate you about how to best approach paying for college in the most efficient way for your family, get your questions answered and take many of the necessary tasks off your shoulders. We will save you hours and hours of time by keeping you focused on what’s relevant for your particular family so you are freed up to attend to the other important things in your life.


  • How to combine various college funding strategies together to reduce your out-of- pocket cost by thousands of dollars
  • How you can potentially pay for some of your college costs with pre-tax dollars
  • How to get funding even if you don’t qualify for “need-based” financial aid
  • How design a plan to pay for college so you can still stay on track for retirement
  • Receive a year-by- year college funding roadmap which provides you with the details about specifically which sources of funding should be used each year so you pay for college most efficiently


  • We’ll provide your child with tips on how he or she can significantly improve the chances of winning scholarships
  • We’ll help keep your child checking off items on his or her To Do list in a timely manner
  • We’ll provide specific recommendations to your student on how to make a successful transition from high school to college
  • We’ll inform your student how to use the four years of college to successfully launch into a desired career
  • And more!